KISMI.APP Web3 Photo Voting App (Gamified real-time Photo Contests).

KISMI.APP Web3 Photo Voting App (Gamified real-time Photo Contests).

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KISMI.APP Web3 Photo Voting App.

KISMI combines social media, competition, and gaming. Vote for your favorite photos of girls and boys and help them rise up the overall gallery rankings to win prizes and be recognized for their creativity. With prize draws, lotteries, and the cutting-edge technology of the web3 industry, the opportunities for growth and fun are endless. Sign up now and join the new revolution in photo sharing.



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Users enter the web app and come across a gallery of photos featuring girls and boys (as well as a separate page for NFT-artworks collections and other contests). The photos move up and down in the shared gallery in real time according to the number of KISS votes indicated beneath them, along with the username and social icons (links) of the contest participant. The higher the number of KISS votes for a participant’s photo, the higher the position of that photo in the gallery. Each contest will have its own round with a timer during which KISS votes can be cast (one or multiple at once for paid users) for one or several photos. Each round will last for a predetermined amount of time, after which the gallery will freeze and no further changes will be accepted. Furthermore, the votes for that round will no longer be accepted. On the main page, we will be able to see the final round with all the photos, their positions and the vote counts at the end of the timer. Additionally, the top 5 winners of the contest will be prominently displayed at the very top of the gallery. Several competitions can be held on the site at the same time.